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Smart Auto Repair

Take Control of Service & Repair
  • Do your homework, ask friends and associates for recommendations.
  • Follow the servicing recommendations of your owners manual.
  • Put it in writing, list problems in detail; unusual noises, smells, changes in performance, etc.
  • Stick with one facility, cultivate a good relationship, and allow the shop to maintain complete records on your vehicle.
When You Take Your Vehicle In
  • Write down your exact mileage when you arrive.
  • Go over your list of problems with the service advisor.
  • Be sure the work order/estimate that is created covers all the issues you have with the vehicle.
  • Ask questions, be sure you understand what is being proposed as work to be done and steps to be taken.
  • Don't force the service advisor into an on-the-spot diagnosis, in most cases diagnosis time will be needed before an accurate estimate of final costs can be given.
Before You Leave Your Vehicle
  • Be sure the Work Order lists all the work you want performed and the maximum costs that you will incur.
  • Stay in touch, inform the shop of a valid phone number to reach you during the day. By law, no work can be performed without your express consent.
  • Clarify the policy on guarantees and payment.
  • Sign the work order/estimate and take a copy with you.
When You Pick Up Your Car
  • Review what was done, have the Service Advisor go over each item on the Invoice and explain exactly what was done, and parts used.
  • Get a copy of all inspections done.
  • Do not pay for the work until you are satisfied with the explanations given.
  • Resolve problems immediately.
Following Your Visit
  • If you are happy with how you were treated, let the shop know!
  • Tell others about your experience. Good shops depend on referrals.
  • Resolve problems, don't rush off to another shop. Discuss the problem with the manager or owner - 95% of all problems are due to faulty communication. Good businesses understand the value of your business and will go out of their way to resolve a problem. Should that fail, use the channels available to you for third party resolution such as AAA, or the Better Business Bureau.
  • Keep all your vehicle repair paperwork in a file. It's a method of staying on top of your vehicle's needs, and an excellent tool when you sell the vehicle.
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