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Choosing a Shop

Here are some tips which Anytown Garage offers consumers for free, on how to choose a good repair shop for your needs:
  • Ask your friends and associates for recommendations based on their experience.
  • Look for a well-organized and clean facility. This shows that they take pride in what they do.
  • Look for certifications and evidence of current training of staff. Be sure the certifications are in the areas that you require.
  • Look for solid affiliations. Better businesses will make the effort to meet requirements of outside organizations.
  • Look for a facility that offers a written warranty on parts and labor.
  • Use a facility that maintains vehicle records.
  • If in doubt about a facility, check with local agencies, such as the Better Business Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce.
  • If you will need transportation, check to see if they can provide it, home or to work when you drop your vehicle off.
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